Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is a little bit of what the studio was before the four of us moved in. It needed some lady love to get it ship shape before we lugged our benches in and started the year off. Middle of summer, so thankfully many hands made for light work....

It has lots of light and just enough space for the afternoon tea spreads that happen more often than not, and not always in the afternoon...its for brain storming!

This little mule has some other friends, in the way of a brooch and a pendant, but they are horses, pure-bred I'd reckon from their get up!! He just wants a pat every now and then, otherwise he is a very low maintenance pet for the hobby farm-ist in all of us. They are all sterling silver and oxidised.

This is an odd pair of earrings. On the left is a mild steel one and on the right its gilding metal, with that beautiful golden lustre. They come as odds and same same and now in two different sizes, these are the large. They are all on sterling silver earring hooks and available from Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane.

These are the newest pieces I've been working on. Each ring is hand made and engraved, the paper plane and feather are clear, but the ring on the far left is mine and a work in progress, the intention is to do some with constellations, perhaps even an alignment of your stars...must work on that so its not to tarot?! They are pretty simple, so I think the lines will work.

A close up of that lovely, floating, feather, caught on a light breeze...