Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Range

Above and Below
These are the new enamel painted
leaves I have been working on
Their base is
sterling silver
which will emerge further with wear...

Summer-y sun-set goodness
I think I've just got my fingers crossed
about the weather finally changing

And a couple more pieces...

Peacock and Sunset Pendants...

New Work finally....

Have been playing around with some AMAZING wax that Raymond de Zwart from Black Finch (www.blackfinch.com.au and blackfinchjewellery.blogspot.com) put me on to which I got from Barnes in Richmond (Swan St, across from the Richmond railway station). It is really flexible, soft, sticky some times and FUN!!

I made these pieces last Thursday
picked them up from the casters on Monday
and ran to the studio to get to work on them
they make me so HAPPY

I busted into one of my studio-mates tin of enamel paints
went a bit crazy with the colours...thanks Elise IOU XX

But I'm thinking divine peacock
(perhaps the ones from school a few years ago NMIT?)

Shimmery summer light
which is really old powder paint from a family we hung out with way back when we were little in Daylesford and hanging in Glenlyon
oh....the country life

the ones (below) are'plain-jane' sterling silver
oxidized and rubbed back

as is this necklace, but
gentle leafy,
fluttery lightness all the same

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'll do some filing baby !)

Three new rings
Sterling silver with a nice smooth textured finish
They are manly...
not like the beach...

but the hairy chested type
which is bad, cause I test drove them and
I don't have hairy chest

Simon & Jemila

Oh, my goodness, I can't believe its mid October already....argh! Last post in July...what...here's some new snaps to prove I have been doing something....will get back in the saddle real soon xx