Friday, September 16, 2011

It seems when I'm not working I am quilting....

I am obsessed & a little scared

The other ladies at the quilting shop are frightening

Books Books Books

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New at home

New plant repurposed from the BLESS exhibition at work, I have wanted one of these Pony Tails for ages

Also very nice Kiki Smith pillow cases- not so new but very yummy

My Emily Green necklace- a gift after all our work at D:M:T

with new perferated fimo bead- oh so lucky


my Kirsten Perry/Milly Flemming locket!

We made some beads together to the Exhibition Building; keep your eyes peeled

I had to take home our OPEN STUDIO decal from D:M:T

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Post D:M:T
Totally exhausted and got the flu- of course
will be up-dating soon

But for now-
out of their hiding spots have come my secret and slightly embarrassing collection of wallets and purses

As I've been working on one of the tasks for

its going to be amazing

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

State of Design OPEN STUDIOS

The most amazing thing that I have been working on is collaborating with Kirsten Perry for our shared space at none other than the ROYAL EXHIBITION BUILDING- WOOT WOOT!!

Much of it has been thinking up until now- but this week (after a quick meeting last week) I have shaken my tail feather and BEGUN!!!

We have just begun our 'conversation' with materials, experience and methods- exchanging some wax, molds and metals

I am such a massive fan of Kirsten's work and feel so blessed (want for a better word) to be working with her and getting to explore my ideas on some of her blanks (see images)

I dropped of these pieces this morning and get to pick them up tomorrow- I am so excited!

So the story so far- Kirsten gave me some molds of her lockets and I spent the evening decorating them and getting them pretty to drop off for casting

I gave Kirsten some great wax which is very different to the ones we normally use, a mold and blank for a ring which can have lots of different tops made for it. I will try and dig up some photos to add this week-

time permitting!!

Check her work:

cause it awesome!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I don't want to sit on your lap Andy

and a yard
lose the blur and use your imagination
a kitchen

a bathroom

a lounge room

and a couple of bedrooms
I'd like to look this good in white
and hang out on a bleak roof top
send balloons on their way
and probably have a decaf a
bit later

Milly's Awesome Animal Farm

We would have stacks of fun and all get along really well

Remember too

Cause everyone
tells you
not too

Before I die
I must
have a pink room

Inès Marie Lætitia Églantine Isabelle de Seignard de La Fressange
(born 11 August 1957), is a French model, aristocrat and designer of fashion and perfumes. Name added to International Best Dressed Hall of Fame in 1998.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Rose has been getting almost 60 people to respond to weekly tasks as part of her grad year work for Fashion at RMIT

I am one of her participants, but have been a rather bad one of late

The images she curates for her web presence, almost always take my breath away
I love being reminded that we are an amazing people and do manage to capture such exquisite beauty

thanks rose x


Recently I meet Andrea Shaw (through work) and she is the very clever lady behind

Stampel; based in Central Victoria, not far from my own stomping ground Andrea makes a range of very desirable goodies.

Her work is, in fact, so 'up my alley' that lucky little twin got one of the macrame flower pots for her birthday-its hanging in her new kitchen looking splendid!

Andrea makes her works almost completely from things she collects for nix. Clever cookie, recycling things from industry around her- timbre off cuts, paint chips. If she can't source it from a place she is recycling for and has to buy new then its done with plenty of research into the sustainability of the said item- commendable!

Organic bamboo scarf that Andrea hand stamps (back ground in textiles) (far right)
Necklace made from paint chips (far left)

And divine hall rack for light items- I must have hinted enough at work about my deep love and admiration for these- as I got one for my birthday from the ever so lovely ladies at work!
Yah- will take picture and post soon.

be sure to check in