Sunday, June 26, 2011


Rose has been getting almost 60 people to respond to weekly tasks as part of her grad year work for Fashion at RMIT

I am one of her participants, but have been a rather bad one of late

The images she curates for her web presence, almost always take my breath away
I love being reminded that we are an amazing people and do manage to capture such exquisite beauty

thanks rose x


Recently I meet Andrea Shaw (through work) and she is the very clever lady behind

Stampel; based in Central Victoria, not far from my own stomping ground Andrea makes a range of very desirable goodies.

Her work is, in fact, so 'up my alley' that lucky little twin got one of the macrame flower pots for her birthday-its hanging in her new kitchen looking splendid!

Andrea makes her works almost completely from things she collects for nix. Clever cookie, recycling things from industry around her- timbre off cuts, paint chips. If she can't source it from a place she is recycling for and has to buy new then its done with plenty of research into the sustainability of the said item- commendable!

Organic bamboo scarf that Andrea hand stamps (back ground in textiles) (far right)
Necklace made from paint chips (far left)

And divine hall rack for light items- I must have hinted enough at work about my deep love and admiration for these- as I got one for my birthday from the ever so lovely ladies at work!
Yah- will take picture and post soon.

be sure to check in


Katherine Bowman is by far one of my favourite jewellers. I have been following her blog for sometime, and now am lucky enough to work with her at CVHQ.

After going to school and learning the some of the 'right ways' of doing things with metal, it has been a challenging and self motivated time in the studio for the past three years.

Katherine is one of those jewellers who uses metal in a way that inspires you to look at form, shape and composition in a different way- the way you might cut, colour, or finish metal pieces, or develop something in wax.

Here are some examples of her work:

I couldn't find all the details for this beautiful pendant, but had to include it

18ct yellow gold, natural Ceylon Sapphire and natural Tsavorite Garnets

Sterling silver set with Ceylon Sapphires; ruby, yellow and orange sapphires and chrome tourmaline's

detail below

In addition to being an amazing jeweller and artist Katherine also has a dog called


Getting ready for a walk

Look at those cute little paws!

Maybe I find it refreshing too, as all the other ladies at work seem to be cat people; I have always identified as a dog person.

500+ Rings

I am almost done with posting about the new books in my life;

just one very important one to go

Nicolas Estrandas New Rings 500+ from around the World

Could you get a more exciting book? well, maybe but

It is so inspiring, and made me want to run to the studio immediately and start making all the dream rings that have been bumbling in my head for years; and wish I could afford to work in gold.

It also has a great index at the back so you can track people down and see more work via websites and blogs, and what country makers come from.

The Australian jewellery sense is very lucky to be represented by

Bronwynn Lusted

Djurdjica Kesic

Julia de Ville

Mel Miller

Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

Sean O'Connell

Sim Luttin

New Inspiration

Cutting Edges

Contemporary collage

I saw this book a couple of months ago when wandering a bookshop in St.Kilda

And I haven't been able to forget about it

Then I saw it in the window of a bookshop near work

But it was gone when I went back

So I climbed the stairs to
the wonderful

Metropolis Bookshop and found it

And we will never be parted again

Olga Bennett- photographer

Olga Bennetts photography

and this lovely book caught my eye when it came into my work email- pre-publishing.


I am now lucky to have a copy, that I bought through her web-site.

and she has a lovely blog worth checking into

Olga has captured work spaces of many crafts people we stock at work,

and are familiar with from around Melbourne.

Her photography illuminates these work spaces into areas calm of creativity

which is nice, considering how crazy studios can feel at times.

The book includes:

Luci Everett

Elli Mucke

Belinda Kennedy

Marc Martin

Miso & GhostPatrol

Justin Lee Williams

Penny-Elizabeth Neil

Elizabeth Yong

Suzy Tuzen

Amber Wallis

Kim Kneipp