Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

While some of it was spent working, some of it was spent playing...

with paints that I'm not very good at using...

That's what I thought too...

Some of it was spent moving things in the garden, like my crazy gold plaster hand that I've lugged around from house to house
A little time spent redecorating, ie., finding places for all this 'stuff' I could not live without

And some pure, delightful, stop and stare at the sky time...

Insert Coin...

Michaela Bruton
my favourite pendant!
I got this during the Insert Coin Project, which Kim and Nella, two beautiful girls from Craft Victoria curatored together. A wonderful project which I hope, fingers crossed happens every year. I also got one on Kyokos beautiful books, like the one Lucy posted on
The thing I love so much about this necklace is how five materials have been put together and work so seamlessly. It catches everybodies eye when its worn, I'm lucky to still have it, thanks Michaela x

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lisa Walker

I got some catalogues the other day, and have been working through them slowly. I got to this one on Lisa Walkers work and was blown away with her body of work.
What a studio!!!

Both these images are taken from the Schmuck catalogue, and I think the photos were all credited to Lisa.


This delicious pendant is by Natalie Dissel, which was shot for Sublime magazine also, issue 18 2009.
Rough crystal cluster and sterling silver
Check out her website, all her materials and making processes are interesting, ethical sorcing of metals and minerals etc.
I fell in love with Nike Savvas work, when I saw it down at ACCA in 2005, 'Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder ', polystyrene balls, paint, nylon wire and electric fans to gyrate the balls.
I would have stayed there for hours, it was full of wonder for me, so when I found an article on her in the latest Artist Profile (issue 10) magazine I grabbed it.

Portrait of Nike Savvas

New work, 'Sliding Ladder' which will show at BREENSPACE in Sydney from 29 April - 5 June 2010
I want to go!!!
BREENSPACE, 289 Young St, Waterloo, Sydney


One of the perks in my life is free magazines, oh yeah that's right...I won't go into the details but, yes it is legal. Anyway it means that I get to look at mags I'd never buy, cause their all to expensive. But one that I've read a few times is 'Sublime'. And that is where this beautiful image above is from. An article on Derek Lawlor and his incredible 'lacing' method. Top secret technique, he is a knitwear designer, based in London, who has developed this formula which can only be understood by undoing the works.
He uses 100% cashmere and cotton cord and must have an amazing team of crafts people to make these beautiful works.
check it out:

Catherine Campbell has helped me welcome April, I bought her calender from her etsy site at the beginning of the year, it is so beautiful.

I love skeletons x

Welcome home beautiful print

One of the places I work had an exhibition in February of work from Arnhem Land. There must have been almost twenty artists showing and I fell in love with this one 'Stone Axe' by Roy Ashley.

It is finally in its rightful place (above the mantel) after a brief stint on the kitchen table, awaiting one lazy new owner getting to the framers. Fitzroy Stretches (on Weston St in Brunswick) did a brillant job and I love it even more now its up and welcoming me home everytime I open the front door.
Roy is a senior Wagalak man. A musican and artist, Roy is involved with the Walking with Spirits events and Darwin Festival and has been in documentaries and film clips. He is a high-ceremony man throughout the region.