Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I woke up this morning and was wondering what the sound was coming from the living room...I found a little minor bird stuck in the house. I don't really want to make bird jewellery, but maybe it will influence something? Anyway we negotiated the space and it easily flew out a window into the yard, hopefully back to a family?!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

ring a ding ding...
Wedding bells rang on my weekend...not mine, but two very dear friends tied the matrimonial knot and did it with rings that I made. They were the masterminds behind the designs, I was given a family diamond to incorporate into one of the rings and beautiful illustrations by the very talented groom (classic car/hot rod pin-stripper and graphic designer) and had an amazing engraving job done in town for his ring.
My fingers were crossed that on a sweltering day the rings would fit, and indeed they did, massive sigh of relief and a wonderful country wedding to celebrate with!!

Both these rings are sterling silver rhodium plated with a whopping diamond. My poor little friend didn't have an engagement ring for the big day, so two rings appeared for this lovely lady xx
Sorry about the flare on this pic, but she is so shiny and I ain't no Terence Bogue ;)

The groom designed this sterling silver ring which hinges open with 18ct yellow gold pins and has is a skull engraved on one side and a lotus on the other, significant images for the couple and they are surrounded by scroll work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Craft Victoria Window Show: Sneak
Early next month (Nov) seven of my fellow graduates from NMIT last year are putting on a window exhibition at Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane.
The girls and I have been meeting every week for a few months to talk, eat and decide how and what each of us are making-in between much catching up!
I've been working away at my bench making these three pendants for the show and hope that you all come on down to see the show.
Sterling silver pendant with synthetic citrine and rubies

I have also be busy making wedding rings for two beautiful friends getting married next month- high school sweet hearts!! Gorgeous!!

These diamond studs where made for my sweet little sisters wedding early this year. There is also a hollow pendant that matches.
Hopefully I get into posting again, been chained to the bench.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Studio and...

Last night I noticed two well placed kicks..a meek smile and a button nose...nice after a long day working...
These are some new earrings that are being stocked at the gorgeous 'Five Boroughs' in East Brunswick, check out the shop at 345 Lygon St, and their cute blog at

And finally this morning a new snap of the creative studio HQ where all this fun comes from...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These are some new pieces I've been working on. The light timber pendants are made from Huon Pine I was given by a beautiful funiture maker (Ben Sibley) and the almost black pendants and rings are carved from Ebony that I've been getting from a instrument maker in town. All the fittings are sterling silver, with the chains oxidised.
'Lucky Charm' Huon Pine Pendant, above

Faceted Ebony Ring

a collection: ebony studs and facet boulder ring

and my favorite earrings to wear at the moment, little sterling silver semi's with spots

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is a little bit of what the studio was before the four of us moved in. It needed some lady love to get it ship shape before we lugged our benches in and started the year off. Middle of summer, so thankfully many hands made for light work....

It has lots of light and just enough space for the afternoon tea spreads that happen more often than not, and not always in the afternoon...its for brain storming!

This little mule has some other friends, in the way of a brooch and a pendant, but they are horses, pure-bred I'd reckon from their get up!! He just wants a pat every now and then, otherwise he is a very low maintenance pet for the hobby farm-ist in all of us. They are all sterling silver and oxidised.

This is an odd pair of earrings. On the left is a mild steel one and on the right its gilding metal, with that beautiful golden lustre. They come as odds and same same and now in two different sizes, these are the large. They are all on sterling silver earring hooks and available from Craft Victoria, Flinders Lane.

These are the newest pieces I've been working on. Each ring is hand made and engraved, the paper plane and feather are clear, but the ring on the far left is mine and a work in progress, the intention is to do some with constellations, perhaps even an alignment of your stars...must work on that so its not to tarot?! They are pretty simple, so I think the lines will work.

A close up of that lovely, floating, feather, caught on a light breeze...