Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to the Studio

That's right, the building I'm in has an amazing ceiling!
Some of the finished products...have been playing round with synthetic stones and loving the colour they bring to something simple...who knows where the year will lead but welcome 2010 x

Back to the coal-face, haven't been into the studio for a long time. But got some pieces cast last week and and ready to play again. Had such a great end to the '09 and have been looking forward to getting back into the studio routine.

Spoilt myself at the end of last year and finally got something to keep some drill bits in-love it!

You never know when a kebab stick will come in handy...finally got some of the rings that I've made over the last little while together and will try and get some pieces out into that big beautiful city.

Work Christmas Party

I finally had one of my staff Xmas parties in the last week...I'm always happy to drag these things out, because its always nice to get presents!! The only thing was, it was at the most amazing place I've ever seen, and the next time I do, will probably be after working for two years full-time and travelling to Europe- golly gosh...

The incredible kitchen/dining room where our hosts cooked up a storm to remember...who has a kitchen big enough to seat that many people?

And then...just outside the kitchen lies heaven....what a place!? I did suggest that this place should maybe become works HQ, long dinners with staff meetings and pool parties, but I think they are pretty happy to keep it the nuclear family home at the moment...sad face

Baby Shower

I would like to have been slow back into blog land because I've been on an amazing and rather long holiday, alas it has all been work, work, work...luckily though there has been a few fun things to keep me happy during the last few months.
Like the excellent baby shower we had for my sister, silly games, gorgeous friends and wonderful food.

I think we are all avidly watching as gifts are being unwrapped....and below is some of the super yummy food the ladies cooked up!